this girl is so amazing. i didn’t think anyone could feel this way for me. it’s just amazing. she’s amazing. willing to wait for me. and i’m willing to be there for her. everything about this is just great. i can’t even begin to describe the joy and happiness that fills my heart thanks to this girl. the reason why i smile everyday. my main thought through the day. staying up with me til we fall asleep, texting all day everyday, expressing our feelings to each other, never having any discrepancies, i trust her, i can be myself around her, i can be honest with her, she doesn’t judge me ever, etc etc. i can go on for days how great she is & how great this feels. Loren, you are captivating & stunning, that is just the icing on the cake. your beauty does not define you, you are a beautiful person, inside and out baby. i will worship the ground you walk on. i will treat you with the utmost respect. i will be loyal and faithful to you. i will care for you. i will listen. i will always be there. i will always hold you down. i will ride or die for you. i will not lie to you. i will make it my daily mission to make you smile. i will give you everything i have and more. when you go to bootcamp, or get deployed, or wherever you may be sent, i will be there, waiting for you. mark my words, babe. you are already everything to me. <3